About Jeeves

Log in to the control panel in his personal web server to change settings.

It's important for me to let you know that you actually own this thing. You can personalize Jeeves in many ways, but of course - there are restrictions so you won't be able to mess everything up (unless you hack it, but hey - I won't stop you).

Therefore, I have created a handy control panel where you can edit settings and personalize Jeeves to make him 100% YOURS.

  • Fast and reliable performance
  • No hard drive, so he can handle some bouncing
  • Awesome personality and stories
  • He loves you, great humour... It's worth it.

To make it cheap and more awesome.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a little robot follow you? Well, yes, but most people (including me) wouldn't afford it. Every single part would cost you so much money you wouldn't even notice how awesome Jeeves is.

Instead, Jeeves will be everywhere and hear everything (even in the bathroom if you would want it) which can be acquired by a little something called magic. Okay, I'll be honest: microphones and speakers.

Jeeves is still getting himself ready for the big world, so please be patient. In the meantime, you can follow his blog and check out on him! Updates may vary by his mood (tricky programming) and vacation. But don't worry - he will get ready in time, and he will amaze you. But hey, have I told you the best part yet? You will never be able to hate him, he's got the cutest personality and he's SO LOVELY!

He's made of nothing more but a Raspberry Pi and some microphones and speakers. The programming is the real challenge here.
I once tried to make an offensive(not evil) version of Jeeves' personality, but he threw way too many errors for nothing. I guess he'll always be super cute and kind.
He's british!



If you would like to check out Jeeves' hardware, you can go visit Adafruit for more accurate specifications.

A new friend

In later updates, you will be able to have simple conversations with him, i.e "What have you done today?", he will then answer something random and funny. That feature will come in Jeeves 2.0.

Control Panel

He's hosting his own local web server with a control panel ONLY for you! He will need an internet connection through an Ethernet cable, WiFi is currently not recommended.


This won't be for sure, but in later updates he might be able to recognize your friends or family members, and remember them. This feature is not promised, but hey - that would be awesome, right?

Power friendly

Yes, there will be differences in your bill if you keep him on 24/7 - but you can also turn him off by simply saying: "Jeeves. It's time to sleep".


By buying the Security update (not yet released) you can hook up cameras (currently max 4) and have your own little security system! No intruders shall feel safe.


No need to worry here, he is always happy and he will remain that way. If you tell him you are sad he might feel uncomfortable and crack a joke. Silly, right?


You don't need to be a genius to figure out how to install Jeeves. When you buy him, it will follow a manual that will show you where it's smartest to mount speakers and such. Maybe if you live close to me I'll come by and do it for you for free!:)

Check out his blog!